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BEGINNERS WINDSURF COURSE – 6 hours – 115 EUR this short course gives guidance from start to free sailing, steering and performing slow turns in light wind. Within this course you will have 4 windsurf lessons with instructor and 2 hours self practice under the supervision of your instructor. In the beginning you will start with big 230 liters board and small easy to handle sail. Later you will start using smaller 180 liter windsurf board and bigger sail. During this intensive windsurf course you will become independent on the water and light winds and you will be able to rent equipment on your own.

EXTENDED WINDSURF COURSE – 10 hour – 165 EUR – during this course you will have 5 hours with instructor and start, course sailing, basic turns, beach start, how to use harness. The course includes 2 hours self practice.

– Using the harness
– Beach start
– Planing
– Into the straps
– Water Start

Single windsurf lessons price per hour:
beginner’s windsurf lessons – 30 EUR 
advanced windsurf lessons – 35 EUR 
 wave lessons – 40 EUR

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